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Expert Advice: Wedding Planning in 8 Simple Steps

Our friend Melissa Barrad from “I Do Weddings” has narrowed down  ‘8 simple steps to wedding planning’ in order to keep all you ladies on track with your big day.

1.  After the engagement has been announced: Begin the search! Collect any image, swatch, paint chip or magazine image that strikes your eye. Just select what speaks to you. Begin a “No” pile of images, so that can also articulate what you don’t want for your wedding. This could range from wedding shoes and venues, to favors, escort cards, and invites.  This could also be something brought along to consultations, to give vendors a feel for your style.


2.  Once the location has been selected: This is  a great time to organize and narrow down your inspiration. Gather images by category–dress, attire, florals, decor and miscellaneous. Hire a fabulous planner that you trust to execute your vision. Schedule a time to brainstorm with your planner.


3.  Meet with floral designers (typically 6-9 months prior to the wedding):  Come armed with the images you’ve created, along with a wish list of what you’ll be wanting floral-wise. Be sure to share detail images with the designers and hear their thoughts and ideas on favors, presentation and overall decor. Give your florist creative license to bring fresh ideas to the table.


4.  Create a list of creative projects with your consultant: Think about what accents you want to include in your wedding celebration, and determine what you’ll create, purchase or have made for you. Don’t make the purchases quite yet! Share the list with your consultant, who can offer tips, insights and recommendations of how to infuse your personalities into the details. Share the list with your family and bridal party.


5.  Visit rental companies (typically 4-9 months prior to the wedding): Bring your camera, and any decorative details you’ve purchased to date. Dress up tables and play! Obtain quotes and look at several deviations of a color pattern.Consider a walk-through with your rental company and consultant to determine what’s viable in the space you’ve selected.


6.  Finalize your decor (typically 1-4 months prior to the wedding): Make a comprehensive needs list of what you’ll be purchasing and a task list for when projects need to be completed by. I typically suggest my brides create three lists–“a must-do”, “a would like to do” and an “if there’s time” list. Think about what’s truly needed for your celebration, such as table numbers and place cards, and also what is near and dear to your heart.  Share the lists with your consultant.


7.  Create a table mock-up (typically 2 weeks to 2 months prior to the wedding):  Just as you would with your hair and make-up, schedule a table trial! Return to the rental company or venue to see a table, complete with glassware, china, flatware, as well as your linens, decor and florals. Add in all of your personal items to make sure everything looks cohesive. Solicit the opinions of your consultant, catering manager, florist and rental company, and a trusted friend or family member. Take lots of pictures to see a fresh perspective.


8.  Wedding Countdown (one week prior to the wedding): RELAX.  All of the creative details are complete! You’ve tied every last bow, printed every sign, received every package and have confidence your vendors will execute your vision and ensure a cohesive theme. Then comes the hardest part–to not continue to brainstorm till the last second!



All images:  True Photography
Wedding coordination and planning:  I Do Weddings


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