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Bouquets: Blooms by Season

You can have a gorgeous bouquet any time of year. But as Organic Elements’ Sharon Mintz demonstrates, it’s good to know when flowers will be at their best.

Photography by Found Creative Studio

Though sometimes flowers are available in more than one season, it’s helpful to pinpoint flowers at their prime. Like buying fruit in the market, just because something is available doesn’t mean that it’s at its best. In early spring you may be really excited to find that peach you’ve been craving all winter, only to find it’s very expensive and far from good. That’s because it’s off-season. The same goes for flowers. Flowers hit their peak as their prices start to fall, which is why buying seasonally makes sense on multiple levels.



In the autumn months, an amazing array of textural elements like berries, pods, and grasses are available, yet you can still create a soft and feminine bouquet with these unique seasonal finds.




1. Light-center white anemones, 2. Star of bethlehem, 3. Chocolate cosmos, 4. Scabiosa pods


This cooler season is special for its heavy return of bulb flowers like hyacinth, and berries like brunia, but also for the wonderful second season of peonies we get in mid-October from South America.




1. ornamental kale, 2. silver brunia, 3. pink hyacinth, 4. white peony


Spring brings a wide range of bulb flowers like novelty tulips and hyacinth, charming peonies, delightful viburnum, and so many other beauties.


DID YOU KNOW Just because a flower was shipped from another part of the world does not make it more expensive. Sometimes a flower grown in Ecuador is cheaper than the same flower grown here.



1. peach ranunculus 2. pink hyacinth 3. coral charm peony 4. dark-center white anemones 5. coral peony tulip


Summer is loaded with phenomenal dahlias of every make and model. Paired with fun textural frills like yarrow or buddleia, or a soft flower like hydrangea, they always hit their mark.


Garden roses come in pink, purple, yellow, orange, gold, burgundy, red, fuschia . . . any color a standard flower comes in, you can get a garden rose. It also comes in two-tone petals.



1. allison dahlia 2. free spirit garden rose 3. purple buddleia 4. chess spray rose

All Year

In San Diego, we have so many wonderful flowers that are truly year-round. Make use of them to substitute for your favorites that just can’t make it to your wedding. Garden roses like these are a good trade for the always-popular peony.


FUN FACT: Encinitas has the largest grower of cymbidium orchids in all of North America.



1. schwartzwalder calla lily 2. chess spray rose 3. oncidium orchid 4. cobra lily 5. yves piaget garden rose 6. swartzkopf succulent


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