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Expert Advice: 4 Style Tips From Friar Tux

Dressing your groom and his groomsmen can be quite the project for any busy bride.  Thankfully, our friends at Friar Tux are here to help!


1.    Dress your groom to match your formality.  Your wedding gown is the most formal thing you will ever wear, make sure he looks and feels just as good.  Don’t let your groom look like he is headed to the office, or someone else’s wedding.
2.   Fit is very important.  Make sure the style you like comes in sizes for the entire group.  Tall, slim, muscular and even the ring bearer.
3.  Accessories make the outfit unique!  Fun ties, pocket squares and boutonnieres will take the look to the next level.
4.  Color coordinate!  When matching the groomsmen accessories to the bridesmaid’s dresses, try mixing patterns within the color family for a more dynamic look.

This year, brides have fallen in love with the Allure Men Collection available at Friar’s Tux.  These slim fit tuxedos and suits work on all body types and come with a matching vest for a clean 3 piece suit look.  Check out a few color options below:

Friars-1 Friars-2 Friars-3 Friars-4 extra-layer


1.  Allure Men in tan
2.  Allure Men in slate blue (available Spring 2014)
3.  Allure Men in slate blue (available Spring 2014)
4.  Allure Men in steel grey
5.  Allure Men in black
6.  Allure Men in heather grey

View Friar Tux Shop’s rental and for purchase options for suits, tuxedos and accessories online here.  The 31 stores have all products on display.  Suits for purchase come in classic, slim and ultra slim fit and are available in light grey, dark grey, tan, navy and black.  Happy styling!


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