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Expert Advice: Wedding Coordination

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Expert  Advice From One Of Our Favorite Wedding Pro’s

  • Comfy Shoes! Never underestimate the power of comfy feet. Sure, you may want the red-soled heels you’ve been drooling over, but a $20 investment of stacked flip flops or ballet flats will be on the of the best insurance policies you can have to dance the night away.
  • Don’t forget to invite your credit card company. Call your credit card company and notify them of major charges that may occur close to the wedding. Often times, the activity seems suspicious and the charge is declined.
  • And your pharmacist, too! I’ve made drugstore trips for prescriptions for several brides over the years. Plan ahead!
  • An apple a day. Many brides and grooms become sick leading up to the wedding. Put a plan in place several months ahead to allow for plenty of sleep, exercise and healthy eating.
  • Hire a consultant. Preferably a consultant with experience at your venue, and has worked with several of your vendors. Hire someone with experience!I-do-weddings

Image via Chana and Don; Advice from Melissa Barrad of  I Do…Weddings & Events

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