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Expert Advice: Photography

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Expert  Advice From One Of Our Favorite Wedding Pro’s

  •  Intuition. Is this photographer committed to capturing and producing what my family and I are envisioning?
  • Taste & Style.  Can I see myself being photographed in the same manner?
  • Timeless. Will the photographer’s style of work stand the test of time?
  • Story Line.  Did I see clear, documented proof that this photographer captured the most important people at just the right moment in a way that tells a priceless story, or did I see a lot of pretty pictures that although beautiful, lacked deep emotional substance?
  • Personality.  Is the photographer’s personality and attitude comfortable and easy to work with? Will my family and friends enjoy the photography experience?
  •  Expectations.  At the end of the meeting, do I feel the photographer listened to what I said, and clearly understands what my needs and expectations are?


Image via Paul Barnett Photography

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