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Expert Advice: 5 Wedding Fashion Trends for Fall 2013

So- what’s in store for Fall wedding fashion trends this year?  We went straight to a San Diego expert to answer this question for us.  Amanda Thorne, an accomplished wardrobe & makeup artist in Southern California, shared some amazing fashion trends with us that she observed from her clients the past few months.  Here is what we have on deck for Fall 2013, according to Thorne Artistry:

1.  The floral crown craze is still hot and heavy. Amanda suggests to customize your head piece according to your own style.

2.  Mismatched maids.  Bride’s are more and more willing to let their maids express a little personal style.  Tons of pattern mixing & matching, florals, and even solid colors.

3.  Neutrals. Ivory, white, & blush.  The old rule of ‘only the bride wears white’ is out the window for some bridal parties this year.


4. Cultural Elements.  Various cultural backgrounds are becoming prominent in engagement shoots, and day-of decor & festivities.


5.  Whimsical & lighthearted outdoor weddings.  Yep, the stuff your wedding dreams are made of.  Literally.


If you liked the looks above, just wait for our new issue of Exquisite Weddings to hit newsstands ( October 1st!) You might just find some amazing fashion pages styled by Thorne Artistry


Flower Crowns: 1. Image via Flutter Glass Photography  2.  Image via Studio Castillero , Makeup via Thorne Artistry
Mismatched Maids/Neutrals:  Image via Justin Lee Photography
Cultural Elements:  Image via Ashley Kelemen Photography
Whimsical Wedding:  Image via Ashley Kelemen Photography


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