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Fabulous Finds: Sequins

Want to throw a little bit of sparkle into your wedding day? Our show-stopping sequins picks will do the trick!  I personally love the idea of mismatched maids- and picture number 2 below is no exception.  Mixing sequins & lace is a great alternative to any run of the mill bridesmaids dress.  And, having your maids wear a top and a skirt is such a modern & unique idea! (Can’t get enough of the mismatched maids trend? Find more unique ideas here).

Incorporate sequins into your wedding day by wrapping favors in sequined fabric (#1), or by throwing a bit of glitz on your garter (#4).  Decorative throw pillows can be a great addition to any cocktail reception, & there are so many adorable tabletop ideas like number 6 below.

Just remember, a little bit of sparkle goes a long way.




1.  Body Wash Favor, via Baylis & Harding
2.  Mismatched Maids, via Jarvie Studios
3.  Polka Dot Pillow, via West Elm
4.  Sequined Garter, via Etsy
5.  Wedding Invite, via Style Me Pretty
6.  XOXO Tabletop Decor, via Twisted Twig 


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