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Groom’s Corner: Boutonnieres For The Boys

Get some bloomin’ inspiration for the men in your ceremony from our boutonniere finds!
 A midst the craziness of wedding planning, it’s easy to overlook accessories for the men who are going to a be a part of the ceremony.  Boutonniere design can be a fun way for the groom and his bunch to show off their personal style!  The days of pinning a single red rose onto your tux lapel are long gone- and there are so many creative options (peep number 14 below, a bout made of paper tassels?!  Adorable).

  • Don’t be afraid to throw in pops of color
  • Use fresh herbs instead of flowers
  • Use alternate materials instead of flowers! Paper, fabric, tassels- the sky is the limit!
  • {Brainstorm a plan with your florist.  They are guaranteed to have tons of creative options for you!}


bouts-1 Bouts-2 Bouts-3 Bouts-4 Bouts-5 Bouts-6 Bouts-7


1.  Mixed boutonnieres, via Ruffled
2.  White suspender look, via Style Me Pretty
3.  Twine wrapped boutonniere, via Style Me Pretty
4.  Orange look, via Martha Stewart Weddings
5.  Boutonniere in box, via Style Me Pretty
6. Fabric boutonniere, via Etsy
7.  Mismatched bouts, via Ruffled
8.  Pop of red, via Ruffled
9.  Earthy, via The Trendy Bride
10.  Eclectic white boutonnieres, via Style Me Pretty
11.  Unique boutonniere, via Justin Blakeney Blog
12.  Log display, via Style Me Pretty
13.  Rustic bloom, via Martha Stewart Weddings
14.  DIY tassels, via The Brooklyn Bride
15.  Yellow blooms, via Cedar Wood Weddings


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