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Finishing Touches: Creative Guestbook Ideas

The wedding guestbook is often left as a last minute task. It’s right there at the bottom of the list with getting a cake knife and something to hold the cards. However, with a little planning and some creativity, you can create a guestbook that will wow your guests and make a perfect keepsake. I rounded up a few of my favorite ideas, ranging from easy, DIY projects to those that require only a little online shopping. So go ahead, check this task off your list now!


1. Think about the size of your wedding party. You’ll want a book (or item) that can accommodate at least 60%-70% of your guests since many couples will sign only once.
2. Keep in mind the location. If you want to do something that takes time (like taking polaroids or filling out a questionnaire), choose a spot that will let people spread out and give them time to think about their message.
3. Consider where you’ll put it after the wedding. Don’t choose a surfboard or guitar for guests to sign if your small condo is all ready filled to the max. The last thing you want is for something so valuable to end up in storage!


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1. Fingerprint tree, via Apple Brides
2. Newlywed Mad Lib, via Wedding Wire
3. Guitar, via A First Class Wedding
4. Engagement photo book, via True Photography Weddings
5. Polaroid photo
6. Jenga, via Zimbio
7. Storyline, via Elizabeth Anne Designs
8. Adirondack chair, via Zimbio
9. Double-sided photo cards, via Becky Higgins
10. Polaroids, via Oh Weddings
11. Puzzle, via Etsy
12. Poster, via Girly Wedding
13. Envelopes, via Martha Stewart Weddings
14. Notebook and questions, via Martha Stewart Weddings


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