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Engagement Story: A Paris Proposal

A surprise trip to London followed by a special anniversary gift and a Paris proposal makes this engagement story hard to top!

In celebration of their two year anniversary together, Terence wanted to do something extra special for Tiffany. So, he told her to pack her passport and clothes for winter weather, and just days before their departure (on Tiffany’s birthday), announced they’d be heading to London!

On February 25th, the date marking their anniversary, and after three wonderful days in London, Terence presented Tiffany with a photo album entitled, “Remember…”  which held memories they’ve shared over the last two years, including images of their first text messages exchanged! (how adorable is this guy?!) After laughing and crying their way through the album together, Tiffany flipped to the last page of the book which read, “Remember when I told you we were going to Ellenborough Park, but instead we went to Paris… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!”  Tiffany’s jaw dropped in disbelief and before she knew it, they were on a train to the most romantic city in the world!

Upon arriving in chilly Montmarte (near Paris), and  “en route to the hotel” (as Terence told Tiffany, which was not true – he had another surprise up his sleeve), they rounded a corner to find Le Mur des Je t’aime, one of their favorite pieces of art. Surprised at the sight and thinking they may have stumbled upon it by accident, Tiffany managed to smile despite her shivering. Terence then dropped to his knee, declared his love for Tiffany and the life he hopes to share with her, and presented her with a very special ring: as a token to her late grandmother, mother and sister, who Tiffany lost all in a single day, Terence had three rubies embedded in the inside of the rose gold band, which was topped with a single emerald diamond. Both in tears, they embraced one another in celebration of a new chapter they began together that day. Cheers to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Cooke!

Paris Proposal



1. Letterpress Je T’aime Heart Stationery: Sugar Paper, Los Angeles
2. Solitaire Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Hannoush via Pinterest 
3. Champagne Toast Artwork: Zazzle
4. Terence’s “Remember” book he made for Tiffany
5. Champagne de France Limoge: Rue La La via Pinterest
6. Terence & Tiffany’s Love Lock 2.25.13 at Pont des Artes
7.  The happy engaged couple celebrating!
8.  Wooden LOVE sign: Etsy via Pinterest



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