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Newlywed Photos: 1970’s Motorcylce Cruise

Are engagement photo shoots an idea of the past?  Hold on tight as Sequins & Candy Photography takes us on a daring motorcycle ride by the beach, and shows us that taking newlywed photos may be the new trend in the wedding world.

Fawn Christiansen of Sequins & Candy Photography explains, “Taking a hobby, pastime, love or passion a couple shares together as a newly married couple is something they will always look back on and cherish.”  This concept makes so much sense to me!  It would be so wonderful to capture husband and wife as newlyweds- the beginning of a brand new journey  together as husband & wife.

After only 3 years of dating, Kyle & Kalista purchased 2 1970 Honda Motorcycles and got their licenses.  Their favorite activity soon thereafter became taking lengthy rides along California’s beautiful coastline.  It seemed only fitting that they capture this amazingly adventurous and unique couples activity in still photos.  One day they can share these newlywed photos with their children and explain how Mommy & Daddy started their journey together with an adventurous & daring love affair along the sunny coastline.


Photographer:  Fawn Christiansen, Sequins & Candy


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