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Expert Engagement Ring Advice: Samara James Jewelry

Shopping for that perfect engagement ring can be a frightful task for most grooms.  Get some expert engagement ring advice & learn the differences between  cuts of diamond as well as various setting options.

Engagement rings by Samara James Jewelry are specially made by expert jewelers for ladies who love exquisitely finished rings.  With personalized service & strict ethical stone sourcing, Samara James Jewelry offers truly superb engagement ring designs.



1.  Wedding bands and engagement rings are worn on the third finger on the left hand because the vein in this finger runs directly to the heart.  When you wear an engagement ring, it connects the love of the person directly to your heart.  The diamond is the light you bring into their world because you are in their life.

2.  In astrology this finger is also a representation of the sun, which links to the use of gold in engagement rings as this precious metal represents the suns golden color.

3.  The wedding band  has been worn on the third finger of the left hand  for centuries.


Diamond Cuts

Choosing the right engagement right can be a difficult process if you know nothing about the variety available. There are several cuts of diamonds that you can choose from solitaire, princess, emerald, marquise, heart, oval and pear.


Ring Settings

There are also various ways of setting the stone into the ring with claws or rub over and the setting can be intricate or simple. You can also get multi-stoned rings and one example is the trilogy ring to represent the past, present and future.


For more information, diamond eduction, or advice,  please go to  Or, if you’re in the UK visit their showroom located at:

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Samara James Jewelry

Loose Diamonds
1.  Emerald Cut
2.  Pear Cut
3.  Princess Cut
4. Round Cut

Ring Settings
1. “Laura”
2. “Stephanie”
3. “Naomi”
4. “Catherine Ring”, inspired by the Royal Wedding
5. “Adriana”
6. Example of how a wedding band and engagement ring can fit together


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