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Finishing Touches: The Effortless Registry

Whether you just need the basics for your registry or you live together and want to upgrade, here’s how to make the process more manageable. Happy scanning!
—By Natalie Fitzgerald

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Think Twice


Instead of…

Fine China: You and your fiancé might like to host parties, but a couple’s entertaining preferences can change over time.

Kitchen Aid Mixer:  It’s bulky, heavy, and hard to store. Unless you bake regularly, it’ll collect dust.

Cappuccino Machine: Love a gourmet coffee drink? Let a Starbucks barista make you one. You won’t bother on a day-to-day basis—and if you do, it’ll no longer be a treat.


Opt for…

Mix ‘n’ match everyday pieces: You can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion.

VitaMix: The blender makes a wide range of foods—smoothies, juices, cocktails, hummus, soups, ice cream, and… baby food and playdough (not that you’re there yet).

French Press: For strong coffee, get a French press. For variety of flavors (especially if you entertain), the Keurig single-cup brewer is a great choice.


“Can I register for that?”

Free advice from Melissa Barrad of I Do…Weddings!

Place settings: Why 12?  Families used to be larger and required more china. These days an average of three families will attend Thanksgiving—if the typical family is four people, this works out to 12 place settings.

What else can we register for? Think about your interests. Consider registering for unique items ranging from a home brewing kit to dog toys to exercise equipment. You can register at non-traditional places like Home Depot, REI and even your bank for a home down payment. Honeymoon registries are also common, and guests are becoming more comfortable giving these types of gifts.

What are some common mistakes?  Brides sometimes register for seasonal items, or towels and linens that come in seasonal colors, and they become unavailable as the wedding draws closer. So look at your timeline. The most common times to purchase are right before the bridal shower, in the month leading up to the wedding, and on the wedding day. Keeping your registry up-to-date with plenty of options at all price points will also help prevent duplicates.

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