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Engagement Photos: Old Poway Park

Cynthia and Cody’s engagement photos are all too adorable.This adorable couple can thank their parents for the intro – they were family friends and from a young age, spent weekend trips and holiday parties together.  Cynthia, being the only girl in the group of kids, was teased often by all the boys (I’m sure it had nothing to do with her good looks!), including Cody. Little did he know, she would later be his bride!

Over time, the two started to enjoy the time they spent together with their families, and Cynthia admits, “there was always a crush there on my part, and I like to think he felt the same!” It wasn’t until Cynthia’s freshman year of college when the families planned a weekend in the desert, but for whatever reason neither Cynthia nor Cody were able to join. Instead, the two stayed behind and made plans, which then led to a date, and the rest is history! The two will tie the knot this summer at a private estate in Pala.

Enjoy their engagement photos, and let us know which one is your favorite!



Photography: BellaLuz Photography

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