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Engagement Photos: Caught by Surprise

You can plan all you want for the big day, but it’s the unexpected moments we love most.

“Our best man was our brother-in-law, Josh.  In his toast, Josh told the story of how Chris and I met based very loosely on actual events. During the speech, he surprised us when he whipped out a pair of aviator sunglasses and began imitating Chris hitting on me—but in character as Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Chris is a Navy pilot and Josh’s impersonation was embarrassing, humbling and surprising. The best part was that Josh had our DJ, Michael Tiernan, cue the Top Gun anthem in the background music to the toast. We loved the surprise! It was clear that Josh had put a lot of thought into his speech.”
Brandi Brenner, 34, Coronado
Photography by Kristen Peelle Photography



“I was injured in Afghanistan and lost both my legs, which put our lives on hold for a year while I recovered. I was approached by a photographer who offered to take pictures of us to thank me for my service. I thought it would be a great opportunity to give Eliana the proposal she deserved. I planned our shoot with my 1957 Bel Air in the background. I had been working on walking with prosthetics, so I was able to get down on one knee to surprise Eliana with a proposal. I’ll never forget her face lighting up with joy!”
Jose Armenta, 24, Old Town
Photography True Photography Weddings



“As I was getting my makeup done, the best man walked in with a surprise gift for me! It was a small crown pendant from Tiffany & Co. My soon-to-be-husband Zeid wrote a beautiful note explaining that I would ‘always be his queen.’ It was wonderful to receive such a heartfelt note in the middle of all the wedding chaos!”
Megan Rihani, 27, Dallas
Photography by Kristen Peelle Photography



Our 2013 engagement photo contest winner!

“I told Tyler the water was too cold. All of a sudden he lifted me out of the water and carried me! He’s my prince charming!”
Teresa Moore, 25, Del Mar
Photo by True Photography Weddings


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