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Guest Blogger: Sharon, Organic Elements

This year Valentine’s Day is particularly special for my husband and me. Our daughter Olivia is 3 this time around; old enough to understand the celebration of holidays. This year, our Valentine’s Day love doubles and we are having so much fun planning some extra love for our littlest valentine. Her demands thus far are chocolate pops and candy covered chocolate drops. I offered her some chocolate covered strawberries and she laughed at the idea of chocolate covered fruit exclaiming “That’s so silly!”

As for what to buy beyond the chocolate aspirations of a three year old, I’m always asked what to look for in a floral purchase around Valentine’s Day. Here are some things that I always suggest to keep in mind.

Though roses are far more expensive at this time of year, don’t shoot your floral retailer. Wholesale costs on red and pink roses roughly double between February 1st and February 14th and the quality of those roses are often compromised due to grower manipulations in order to sell as much of their product as possible. Though that’s all unfortunate, there are so many more options than roses on Valentine’s Day. Consider alternate florals such as anemones, tulips, hyacinth, ranunculus and daffodils, which are all wonderful options this time of year. Think about colors other than red, white and pink. Instead, go for orange, fuchsia or purple.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is about showing how much you love your Valentine, but also about demonstrating how well you know them. Gifts should be custom and reflective. Maybe you’ve saved a gift idea that didn’t work out during the holidays? Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon the “Want!” section of their Pinterest page. Simply think of the loves of your life and what you can do to put a smile on their faces.

There are no rules when it comes to showing thoughtfulness. So whether it’s a bundle of daffodils, a toddler’s chocolate fantasy or a hamburger bed, as long as your gift shows thought and love then you’ve been a great valentine.


1. Daffodils
2. Tulips
3. Hyacinth
4. Ranunculus
5. Anemones

Cheers! Sharon

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