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Expert Advice: Bliss Events & Mobile Music Plus talk DJ’ing

The Bliss Events ladies met up with Spencer Bezy of Mobile Music Plus to talk DJ’ing. Rachel Welland shared with us highlights from the night and photos captured by Laura Christin.


Questions to ask your DJ

1. How long have they been DJing?  How many years have they been working weddings – specifically?
2. Do they have any videos of themselves emceeing at a wedding?  (this can help you know if you like their emcee style)
3. Do they provide lighting (i.e. dance floor lights, uplighting, gobo light, etc.)?
4. What is their back-up plan in the case of equipment failure?
5. Can they provide a sound system and microphone for the ceremony also?
6. Do they have a list of suggestions they can share with you of special dances (Father-Daughter, Mother-Son, etc.)?
7. What will they wear at your wedding?
8. How do they feel about taking requests?  (note: if you do not want them taking requests, they should be comfortable telling the guests that and not taking requests)
9. Will they want to have a final meeting or phone call with you shortly before the wedding?


They met at the warehouse of Imagination Entertainment and saw all the theatre costumes, wigs, and where the cirque-style shows rehearse. They learned how agents (such as Imagination Entertainment) work with DJs to utilize their services to help their weddings. Spencer taught them the history of DJ’ing, from records to CDs to computer programs and showed the difference in how much equipment and music (records/CDs) he used to have to bring versus what he brings now.

They learned about the various buttons and knobs in the equipment, just in case they ever need to step in when the DJ is busy elsewhere! He also showed how he beat mixes from one song into another song, and he let them give it their best shots. He explained some misconceptions about DJs, how to choose a quality DJ, the importance of back up equipment and songs, as well as some interesting situations he has encountered in his many years of DJ’ing.

At the end of the event, the ladies all agreed that most people under-value DJs and it is a lot of work and takes skill and experience to “play to the crowd” and make an event’s music and emcee’ing flow seamlessly!

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