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Groom’s Corner: 19 Awesome Shirt & Tie Combos

If you happen to be marrying a man with an excellent sense of style, lucky you. If not, this post is your perfect inspiration.If you never thought plaids could be layered, guys could wear pink, or stripes and polka dots could live harmoniously side by side, think again. These groom’s and groomsmen prove there is no fabric, pattern or color combo too bold for your wedding day.


1. Navy and brown gingham combo, via Austin Gros Blog
2. Light green bow tie and gray jacket, via Austin Gros Blog
3. Polka dot gingham, via Ruffled Blog
4. Olive green and strip combo, via Once Wed
5. Jacket, vest and bow tie combo, via Ruffled Blog
6. Patterned bow tie, lilac shirt, via Style Me Pretty
7. Pink vest, black bow tie, via Ruffled Blog
8. Polka dot tie and seersucker jacket, via Style Me Pretty
9. Floral tie and orange gingham, via It’s a Brides Life
10. Yellow bow tie, via Style Me Pretty
11. Colorful plaid, via It’s a Brides Life
12. Dark purple bowtie and lilac shirt, via Style Me Pretty
13. Pink stripes and gray jacket
14. Seersucker jacket and yellow tie, via A Low Country Wedding
15. Dusk blue vest and stripe shirt, via Ruffled Blog
16. Red gingham and bow tie, via Beach Bungalow 8
17. Burgundy bow tie, via Portobello Bride
18. Grey and red plaid, via Style Me Pretty
19. Orange bow tie and blue plaid, via Catherine Hall Studios
Cheers! Jen

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