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Engagement Photos: A Childhood Friendship

Here at the Bride Suite, we love a good engagement story! And we especially love when the engagement photos that go along with it are just as sweet. Ryan and Amy met when she was 6 and he was 8. They lived one house apart from each other.  Amy’s family moved away after two years and although their families stayed close, Ryan and Amy didn’t stay in touch. They went through junior high, high school and their twenties without ever saying a word to each other.

Then, two years ago, Ryan arrived at the same bar where Amy was having a “teachers night out” with her sister and girlfriends. When Ryan asked Amy’s sister how she was doing, her sister replied “You should call her. All she does is work”. Within minutes Ryan had asked Amy out for the following night…and the rest is history!  We hope you enjoy their adorable engagement photos by Theresa Minnette Photography.

Engagement Photos:


Photographer: Theresa Minnette Photography

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