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Guest Blogger: Sharon, Organic Elements

I love fall. The textured scarves, the colorful leggings, it’s such a fun time to layer up. It’s also a time that all wedding florists look forward to after the hot and busy season of weddings in the sun.

My favorite thing about fall is that the weather starts to justify cups of my homemade hot sipping chocolate, but, my second favorite thing about fall is the fun colors and textures that begin to arrive with our new seasonal options.Somehow everything just knows that it’s fall without needing a calendar. It’s not only that even in Southern California the plants know when to start and stop blooming without much of a change in weather, it’s also the little changes like the red edges that form on green succulents, almost like our desert version of the changing of the leaves.
I love that dahlias stick around to be embraced by chunks of coxcomb or hanging amaranthus. I love that the bridal beloved anemones return to us, and so do the heavenly scented hyacinth. Though tulips never really go away, I love the return of the “novelty” tulips lending the added texture of extra petals or rippled edges, or both! I love that a touch of unexpected purple or blue can only enrich an arrangement’s fall pallet.


Sharon is the owner of Organic Elements, a San Diego based flower design studio.
Cheers! Sharon

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