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Expert Advice: Bliss Events & Taylor Films talk wedding videos

The Bliss Events ladies met up with Jason Taylor of Taylor Films and learned about tips and tricks for wedding day videography. Here is what they shared with us….

Tips for an Awesome Wedding Video (by Taylor Films)

1.  For an amazing picture and a true movie look make sure your videographer is using DSLR cameras Canon 5D Mark 3, 2 or 7D etc.  Filming with these cameras allow the cinematographer to adjust the depth of field by changing lenses.

2. To capture the best image quality and to ensure you and your groom look your best at your reception appropriate lighting must be used.  Ask the company you are considering booking how they light the reception.  Make sure you are aware of where lights will be placed.  If you are educated as to why lighting is used and the result that is achieved with proper lighting you will embrace it and not be distracted by it.

3. Make sure that your videographer uses a minimum of two wireless microphones.  One for your officiant and one for the groom. Using high quality audio equipment ensures your ceremony vows and reception toasts will sound better than it did at on the day.

4. Our average editing turnaround time is 2-3 months from your wedding day.  Be sure you ask how long the company you are considering using takes to deliver your wedding video. The editing process is very important and takes time. Some companies take longer than 3 months.

5.  Is Blu Ray important?  Although you may not have a blu ray player at home you most likely have an HD TV.  If you own an HD TV invest $100 in a blu ray player so you can enjoy and appreciate the beautiful image quality and vibrant colors that your videographer captured. Be sure your final DVD is delivered in both standard definition and also blu ray HD formats.  You found an amazing videographer who’s work you love.  Make sure you see it at the best quality possible.

6. Since most videographers are filming with DSLR cameras these days it is important that you purchase a USB hard drive back up of all raw footage and master edited movie files.  Your footage was originally recorded on compact flash cards or other digital media and then transferred to a computer for editing. At that point the original cards are erased and ready to capture the next wedding.  This means that after your final DVD is delivered to you and approved all of the original files that are now on the computer are erased freeing up hard drive space for the next wedding edit.  Having that back up hard drive will give you peace of mind knowing you can convert your wedding movie to future technologies once DVDs become obsolete or make additional copies if your original copies stop playing due to disks being scratched.

Photography by Laura Christin

Jason Taylor made a video of the Bliss Events team telling about their favorite parts of weddings and he also used clips from one of one of Bliss Event’s past weddings at Park Hyatt Aviara. Watch it here:

Bliss Events from Taylor Films on Vimeo.

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