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San Diego Festive Cocktails

A Guide to San Diego’s Best Mixologists

Blind Tiger Cocktail Co.

The vibe: Dustin Haarstad & Adam Stemmler love deconstructing classic cocktails and replacing ingredients with innovative ones like flavored salts, vinegars, and infused syrups and spirits.
Why we love them: These master cocktailers have shaken up drink menus all over town at Quality Social, Solace & The Moonlight Lounge and the newly opened Heights Tavern. Both have an extensive knowledge in tequila, beer and wine.
Drink this: The Florence 75 made with gin, grapefruit-infused Aperol, chamomile syrup, and Proseco. Their Vice Roy blends grapefruit-infused vodka, Dimmi Liquore di Milano, cucumber, sugar, and lime.
619.838.2326 |

Hush Cocktails Inc.

The vibe: Erin Williams and Bek Allen select high-quality ingredients when creating cocktails that blend with the theme and mood of the event.
Why we love them: These visionary female mixologists personalize classic cocktails with house-made bitters and handmade syrups. They employ off-the-wall garnishes like tiny PB&Js or floating lily pads with firebugs (inverted limes with a pool of flaming rum).
Drink this: A bacon-infused bourbon and maple syrup concoction and a tiny waffle garnish; Voyage to Hawaii—a delicate pineapple rum with habanero pepper and lime infused syrup.
646.246.5050  |

Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

The vibe: Ian Ward, Lucien Conner, and Michael Esposito do creative with a dash of culture.
Why we love them: These original farm-to-table cocktail masters draw inspiration from chefs. From their popcorn-infused tequila to their scent-before-taste cocktails, their originality never ceases.
Drink this: Bright green cucumber honey mimosas; Pomegranate Brittle Punch made with chardonnay, lemon juice and POM cranberry molasses with a garnish of pomegranate arils in a caramel brittle.


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EuroBar Espresso Service

The vibe: aristas make gourmet Euro coffee drinks.
Why we love them: Their premium Italian espresso comes in flavors such as caramel macchiato lattes, mochas, and cappuccino. We dig the chocolate shavings, fresh whipped cream, and sugar swizzles.
619.295.2511 |

Joes on the Nose

The vibe: Artisan beverage catering company that arrives in a bright orange truck.
Why we love them: Their organic espresso bars, hot chocolate bars, and Affogato service where espresso is poured over fresh-scooped gelato—yum!
858.373.8001 |[/box]


Smoke & Mirrors Cocktail Company

The vibe: Chris Simmons, mixologist at Cucina Urbana, and Shawn Barker, mixologist at Bertrand’s, make artistic cocktails that nod to the classics with contemporary twists.
Why we love them: They get creative with seasonal ingredients, colored sugars, and unusual glassware. Their brilliant “For Him” and “For Her” signature drinks reflect the couple’s personalities and wedding theme.
Drink this: The Best Of Times with TRU Organic Lemon vodka, St Germain liqueur, Aperol, and grapefruit; The Outlaw with bacon-infused bourbon, New York apple whiskey, and baked apple bitters.
619.592.2042 |

Waters Fine Catering

The vibe: Beverage director Monica Cadden oversees the mixology team that creates libations with seasonal, fresh, and local ingredients.
Why we love them: For their frozen “popsicle” cocktails served in wine glasses and topped with sparkling wine. At their clever “cocktail bars,” guests select virgin cocktails and then choose from a variety of alcohols to blend their own their beverage.
Drink this: Passion Fruit Margaritas with Herradura Tequila Blanco, Cointreau, passion fruit purée, agave nectar, hand-pressed lime juice, a sea salt and sugar rim with a fresh kiwi garnish; and their Berry Thyme Chiller with vodka, thyme, honey lemonade and blackberry thyme ice cubes.
619.276.8803 |

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