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Fabulous Finds: What to Pack For Your Wedding Night

After watching another one of our friends tie the knot over the weekend, some girlfriends and I were reminiscing about our own wedding nights – the PG parts, of course! One topic that came up was our wedding night “overnight bag” that a few of us completely forgot about in the midst of wedding planning chaos.

Somehow, I managed to remind my mom and MOH to have my favorite pizza (from Me ‘n Eds) and a big bottle of champagne waiting for us in our suite, but forgot about my toothbrush. Here are some essentials you’ll want to gather ahead of time and have waiting for you at the hotel. Pack that bag…unless, of course, you don’t mind doing the walk of shame in your wedding gown.


Your Wedding Night Bag Checklist
1. Hairbrush, Target
2. Glo Whitening Toothpaste, Sephora
3. Pantone Toothbrush, Urban Outfitters
4. Fresh Deodorant, Sephora
5. Elastic Hair Ties, Shopbop
6. Kate Spade Cosmetic Case (Don’t forget the makeup too!), Kate Spade
7. Lingerie, Nordstrom
8. Philosophy Facial Cleanswer, Sephora
9.Tarte Lip Balm, Sephora
10. Nars Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, Sephora
11. Lollia Bubblebath, Lollia
12. Hanky Panky ‘I Do’ Panties, Nordstrom
13. Voluspa Candle, Nordstrom
14. Phone Charger, Apple
15. Brunch Dress, Anthropologie
16. Natori T Shirt Bra, Nordstrom
17. Weekender Bag, John Robshaw Textiles
18. Flats, JCrew
Cheers! Natalie

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