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Cocktails: Fall Favorites

Although the weather is still warm in San Diego, we know fall is just around the corner and what better way to kick off the upcoming season than with some fall cocktail inspiration. These recipes don’t just taste like fall – with hints of cinnamon, pomegranate, apples and pears, they also look like fall with garnishes of cinnamon sticks and slivers of apple. My personal favorite is the Autumn Chai Cocktail. Serve them after dinner with dessert and your guests will be feeling fall instantly.


1. Fall Cocktail
2. Fall Fig Cocktail
3. Apples & Pears
4. Sparkling Cranberry & Pear Cocktail
5.Apple Ginger Cranberry Vodka Cocktail
6. Cinnamon Stick Martini
7. Cider Bourbon Cocktail
8. Sweet Pear Cocktail
9. Concord Crush
10. Autumn Chai Cocktail
11. Pomegranate Apple Cocktails

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