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Finishing Touches: Decorate Your Getaway Car

Maybe it’s my love for decorating or just the fact that signage and streamers make me happy, but planning for a getaway car is one of my favorite wedding elements. These photos are proof that you don’t need a fancy limo to make a grand exit. Pick the car that best represents you both as a couple and then get creative. My personal fave is the Vespa, because, really, don’t you want to wrap your arms around your new hubby as you ride off into the sunset?


1. Getaway Fiat, via Martha Stewart Weddings
2. VW Van with Just Married Sign, via Pinterest
3. Getaway Vespa
4. Just Married Carriage, via Martha Stewart Weddings
5. Just Married Sign with Cans, Loving Legacy Photography
6. Old Town Trolley Getaway, Paul Barnett Photography
7. Turquoise Convertible, Blueberry Photography
8. Convertible Getaway Car, via Style Me Pretty
9. Just Married Vespa, via Style Me Pretty
10. VW Van with Just Married Pennant, via Style Me Pretty
Cheers! Jen

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