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Fabulous Finds: Make Your Man Vintage!

With an abundant amount of options for brides, grooms have a tendency to appear mute on the big day. Your groom deserves to look just as dashing as you do. Style him in these fabulous finds all the way from his suede bucks to his leather flask!

Get These Items:

1. Timex X Watch, Timex
2. Leo Hamel Men’s Ring, Leo Hamel
3. Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Sunglasses, J.CREW
4. Regency Repp Butterfly Bow Tie, Polo Ralph Lauren
5. Preppy Hipster in Car, Pinterest
6. Aldean for J.CREW Suede Bucks, J.CREW
7. Leather Flask, J.CREW
8. Drake’s Slim Check Melange Woven Tie, Mr. Porter
9. Breakfast of Champions, Botanicology 

Cheers! Intern Jenn

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