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Fabulous Finds: Lace Wedding Accessories

What is more timeless than lace? This delicate fabric adds elegance and class to any wedding and can easily be incorporated into any decoration. Added to any object, lace dresses up even the blandest item and is one of the most popular fabrics used at weddings. Here are some examples of how lace can be used at your wedding.


1. Manolo Blahnik White Lace Pumps
2. Lace Back of Wedding Dress 
3. Valentino ‘Bridal’ Platform Pump
4. Lace Table Runner 
5. Lace Wedding Invitation 
6. White Lace Clutch 
7. Lace Flower Bouquet 
8. Black Lace Dress 
9. White Lace Cake 
10. White Lace Wedding Dress 


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