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Desserts: Wedding Cake Pops!

If you can believe it, cake pops are still popping up everywhere! Not only are they good for almost every occasion but also are becoming increasingly popular for weddings. The traditional wedding cake is getting replaced with cake pop cakes. These individual bite sized treats can be personalized to match any color scheme or theme! Here are some ideas that might inspire you for your wedding!


1.Cupcake Cake Pops by Bakererlla via Love from the Oven
2. Purple Cake Pops via  BELLE The Magazine
3. Escort Cake Pops via  BELLE The Magazine
4. Just Married Cake Pops via Wedding Chicks
5. Cake Pop White Cake via Bayside Bride
6. Love Cake Pop via NY Cake Pops
7. Bride and Groom Cake Pop via BELLE The Magazine 
8.  Pinterest
9. BELLE The Magazine 
10. NY Cake Pops
11. Mustache Cake Pop via Stick and Pop 
12.Sprinkles Cake Pop via Stick and Pop 
13. Yellow Cake Pops via Meandyoulookbook 
14. Bride and Groom via BELLE The Magazine
15. Wedding Cake Cake Pops via My Own Labels 
16. Brown and Pink Cake Pops via  United With Love

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