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Catering: Food that Pops!

This past weekend I attended a beautiful backyard wedding in Portland, Oregon. The vibe was cute and cheerful with a laid back feeling to it, but their casual approach to the food made mingling with other guests a bit difficult. Take a look at these creative ideas on how get rid of the boring buffet line, utensils, and expensive dinnerware. No more deciding if you want chicken, fish or steak, instead, fill your plate with a little bit of everything!


1. Poptarts on a stick via The Kitchn
2. Greek Salad on a stick via Cooking with My Kid
3. Panini Pops via PaniniHappy
4. Pancakes on a stick via Best Destination Wedding
5. S’mores on a stick via The Kitchn
6. Pizza on a stick via The Kitchn
7. French Toast Kebabs via Parent Map
8. Pizza Meatballs on a stick via Big Red Kitchen
9. Watermelon on a stick via Bobble Blog
10. Caprese Salad on a stick via If the Ring Fits
11. Chicken Waffles on a stick via Taste Popping
12. Sandwich on a stick via Parent Map
13. Chicken Fingers on a stick via Al Cibbo Comme Stibile
14. Tortellini on a stick via Opie Foto
15. Donuts on a stick via ICanHasCheezburger
16. Bread on a stick via Sunset-Vine
17. Pie on a stick via The Family Kitchen


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