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Inspiration: 7 Unique Venues

There’s no reason to be ordinary on your wedding day. Why not rack up some miles and see a new part of the world while also getting hitched. Here are 7 venue destinations that offer a lot of personality.

1. Ice Hotel | Lapland, Sweden

It’s exactly what it sounds like; a hotel, and even a cathedral made out of ice. You’ll be extra ready for a hot kiss by the end of the ceremony.


2. Juliet’s House | Verona, Italy

The story of Romeo & Juliet is fictional but this house in Verona is known as Juliet’s house, complete with the famous balcony. Apart from the house, Verona is a beautifully romantic city (I was just there and wishing my husband was on the trip, too).

3. Voodoo Doughnuts | Portland, Oregon

Who doesn’t love a good celebration doughnut? The infamous doughnut shop in Portland offers wedding packages including options for parking, coffee, an officiant and of course the sugary house specialty.

4. Hot Air Balloon

Get wed in the sky! We love these colortastic photos from photographer Joy Thigpen. Just imagine saying your “I do’s” in the air.


5. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant | Maldives

Forget the stars, get married under the fish at the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant in the Maldives.


6. London Eye

The summer olympics in London are right on our heels so let’s not forget the London Eye as a modern yet royal place to tie the knot. Photo by Fiona Kelly.


7. Coney Island

Merci photography captured this hip couple on Coney Island. They were wed nearby and then spent the day playing. The classic amusement park is a fun place to celebrate with wedding guests.

Cheers! Gloria

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