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Fashion: Wedding and Engagement Ring Trends

Shopping for engagement and wedding rings is no easy task, as there are simply so many different options to consider. Before you start looking, of course, the process probably seems fairly simple. Find a nice diamond ring that fits, and a matching set of wedding bands, and you’ll be all done! For some people, simplicity wins out and really is just about that easy. However, if you are more interested in finding something unique and special, you will need to take a little more time to do so.

As you’ll notice looking through wedding and 77 Diamonds engagement rings, there are several different styles of rings, and they rise and fall in popularity trends just like other types of jewelry and fashion items. So, as you start to consider this, here are some noteworthy trends in wedding and engagement rings.


Engagement Rings

For engagement rings, the most noteworthy trend right now is actually that diamonds are not the only options when it comes to precious stone. Diamonds are traditional, and still provide the sort of classic engagement ring look that many people prefer. However, more and more women are opting for other stones, such as sapphires, emeralds, or even rubies. These options certainly lead to bolder looking rings, but in the right situation they can look very classy, and can make your engagement ring stand out as something a bit more personal and unique.


Halo Settings

There is also a noticeable engagement ring trend toward halo settings for diamond rings. There are a number of different setting options for engagement rings, and halo settings (basically, circular settings for the stones) are considered to have something of a classic, vintage quality that seems to be appealing to people more and more. This particular trend depends a great deal on personal preference, as it will change the whole look of a ring, but it is worth considering among other setting options.


Wedding Bands

With regard to wedding bands, one trend that has become very popular in recent years is for brides to wear wedding rings set with diamonds. While most people’s traditional images of wedding rings involve simple golden bands, there are plenty of styles that actually involve rings of tiny precious stones, and they can look quite nice. Generally with these rings you can still choose what type of metal you want, and even how many stones you want on its surface. These rings are a bit more glamorous, but still very trendy.


77 Diamonds Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings
1. Classic – 1477 Classic
2. Classic – Estella
3. Trilogy – Roma
4. Vintage – Contour

Halo Settings
5. Vintage – Medici
6. Vintage – Contessa
7. Vintage – Bourbon
8. Vintage – Grimaldi

Wedding Bands
9. Classic – Light Court
10. Classic – 1477 Classic
11. Diamond Set- 5 stones
12. Diamond Set – 3 stones

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