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Expert Advice: Making it Personal

Think about the moments that have defined you as a couple, that helped you find each other, or moments which made it clear that you had found the one. Use those element to select a theme that tells your story.

Weddings haven’t recently become personal, they always have been. And for quite a while, the most important people in a couple’s life have spent many hours in line at the airport, countless hours on miserable flights and given up an otherwise long weekend off simply because they love you enough to be there on this amazing day. So take the opportunity to invite them into the relationship they’ve come to celebrate.

Perhaps it’s where you first met. We’ve had couples who recreated flower shops or farmer’s markets within their wedding because it connected their guests to the start of their journey. We’ve created décor based on common interests, like the steampunk movement. My husband and I had a travel theme because we spent our first five years together traveling between the US to Europe just to see each other. (See photos from our wedding above). These are the stories that truly make this wedding yours.

Props can be another fantastic way to involve your guests in your theme like placing maracas at each chair at the ceremony for guests to shake when you kiss. Favors are something we’ve used in the past as a way to gift your theme onto your guests. Here we have a fun favor, perfect for a nautical themed wedding and a couple who loves to sail away.

Though the venue you choose will start your guests on the path to your theme, varying elements can be fun surprises for your guests to discover as they are led through the night. Paper products inevitably display a style and are a great way to express your theme. Naming tables in a manner that goes with your theme also creates consistency within your theme. At my wedding, instead of using numbers, we named the tables after countries we had traveled to using a picture we had taken.


Cakes are also a great way to help display your them. Once simply an inevitable element in a wedding, cakes have now become one of the most customized elements in the wedding. Here is a super fun, steampunk cake complete with a pocket watch and adorned with gold gears.

Ultimately, a trend repeated does not create a unique day or memory, they are created through sharing the most intimate elements of your relationship’s journey with those that are important enough to have made it onto your life’s “short list”. Be true, be consistent and enjoy your journey!
Cheers! Sharon

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