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Groom’s Corner: Get Your Guy Involved

Assign your groom something you know is important to him. This way, he’ll be invested in making it tasteful, special, and reflective of you two. These suggestions should make it easy.

The Sweet Toothed Sweetheart

Does your sweetie have a sweet tooth? Let him work with a dessertier to choose the perfect cake, dessert bar, or candy bar for your reception. Entrust him with the responsibility of contacting the dessertier of your choice–that way you will do the legwork and he won’t be left to his own devices – here are a few dessertiers who you can trust to lead your groom in the right direction:

The Partyboy

If your man likes a good party, put him in charge of the entertainment for the evening. A band or a dj is a perfect place to begin.

The Sophisticated Sommelier

Bring on the wine! From a light and fruity Sav Blanc to a heavy Cabernet, you’ll need someone to choose wines for the reception. Suggest choosing meaningful labels – wines both of you love, or maybe one that holds a special memory for the two of you, or even a label that mirrors something you two enjoy doing, your professions, hobbies, or personalities.

The Foodie

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s simple: men love food. Let him choose the menu – or if you don’t trust him with the dinner menu, consider putting him in charge of hors d’oeuvres or late night snacks for those party animals left on the dance floor. If he’s into it, he may even want to be part of designing the menu for the tables as well!

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