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Real Wedding: Lauren & Byram

Since the age of five, Lauren Sprengelmeyer had been dreaming of her wedding with visions of grandeur dancing through her head. Luckily the starry-eyed San Diego native met an equally passionate gent who swept her away, surprising her with a fairytale proposal. Byram Frost (with a little the help from his mom and grandma) planned a big day, starting with brunch and a boat show. Afterward he drove an assuming Lauren to the Loews Coronado Bay Resort, where he led her to a grandiose villa suite and said, “Now open the door and let me show you what’s in my heart.”

“It was like a movie,” gushes Lauren. The suite, overlooking the bay and bridge, was decorated with rose petals and candlelight and stocked with fine champagne and chocolates. Byram got on his knee, professed his love, got the “yes,” and then took his fiancée to dinner for another surprise — their entire families awaited at Mistral to celebrate their engagement. Afterward, the two took a romantic gondola ride through the canals.

When it came time to plan the wedding, it was Lauren’s turn to surprise Byram. With the help of her mother, she brought her 22-year vision to life. With Father of the Bride being her favorite movie and Sex and the City chiming in as her favorite television show, Lauren knew what she desired. “I wanted an outrageous, style-conscious, fashion-forward wedding with a shabby-chic feel of mismatched antiques, gold baubles and over-the-top elements.”

With her vision realized, 210 people gathered at the Frost family ranch in the Pauma Valley bucolic horse county, 35 miles northeast of San Diego, for her dream wedding. The ceremony took place in the upper pasture under a giant oak tree into which the couple had recently carved their initials.

The bridal party consisted of 14 people — many of whom had been on the trip to Lake Havasu where the couple met four years earlier. The seven bridesmaids wore elegant black sweetheart strapless dresses by Bill Levkoff and carried big bouquets of white roses. Lauren wore a fabulous Ines de Santo gown, a striking showstopper whose classic style, billowing layers and cascade of white roses, reflected her chic wedding theme. In homage to her kindred spirit Carrie Bradshaw, she dazzled in electric blue Manolo Blahniks. Equally styled out, Byram wore a Versace tuxedo with Gucci loafers, befittingly in a sexy shade of blue.

The cocktail hour by the candlelit pool had a 1950s feel with tray-passed hors d’oeuvres, and the voices of Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller crooning. Dinner was served under a massive clear tent lined with white lights and chandeliers for a celestial effect. “When we stepped into the tent it looked like a huge greenhouse all lit up with the sweet aroma of the oversized centerpieces filling the air,” Lauren says. Each table had its own style with myriad flowers in white and cream, crystal bowls, gold candelabras and gorgeous mismatched colorful plates. “I wanted it to feel like you had walked into an antique store as there were random interesting pieces everywhere,” adds Lauren.

After dashing through a tunnel of hand-held sparklers, the bride and groom exited in style, hopping into a 1957 willow-green T-bird, restored by Byram’s father.

“My favorite part was seeing Byram’s reaction to the wedding. He’s really a sensitive kind of guy, and I could feel a real sense of his appreciation for all the work put into it. I thought I was going to cry. He’s one in ten million, the most genuine person you’ll meet,” sighs Lauren.

“The whole thing was like a dream. What an exciting way to start our life together,” Byram adds. “I never thought I would have a wedding like that, and I’m so thankful to my in-laws and parents. And I look forward to our lifelong adventures together.”


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