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Finishing Touches: Creative Menus

It was always a dream of mine to open my own restaurant and although reality set in over the past few years, I still took advantage of creating a unique dining atmosphere for my wedding guests.Whether a backyard barbecue, or a four-course Parisian diner, wedding menus can reflect the unique personalities of both the bride and groom.  It’s the little things that seem to make each wedding unique and the design of the menu itself, is no exception.  Take a look at some of my favorite paper companies, that allow you to customize your own menus and place cards…and who knows, you may see Diner à la Morris coming to your hometown!


1. Do-it-Yourself Menu Wheel, Once Wed
2. Chevron Modern Menu, The Wedding Style Guide
3. Napkin Menu, Martha Stewart Weddings
4. Vintage Chalkboard Menu, Beth Helmstetter
5. Ladies and Gentleman Menu, Project Wedding
6. Illustrated Wedding Feast Menu, Paper Crave
7. Plate Menu, Southern Fried Paper
8. Stamped Envelope Menu, Martha Stewart Weddings
9. Colorful Blackboard Menu, Martha Stewart Weddings
10. “The Eats” Menu, My Sweet and Saucy
11. Retro Menu, Pitbulls and Posies
12. Clipboard Menu, Martha Stewart Weddings
13. Wine bottle and Typewriter Menu, Martine Sherry
14. Mirrored Menu, Martha Stewart Weddings
15. Window Menu, Rustic Wedding Chic

Cheers! Lauren A


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