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Fabulous Finds: Extra-ordinary Rings

Step away from the traditional and check out these unique wedding rings and bands. I love the idea of something that is a reflection of the couples personality. My favorite? The ring that changes from silver to gold over time; made by a Japanese designer, Torafu. Which would you don as your beloved nuptial accessory?


1. Classic Trinity Ring, Cartier
2. Transforming Ring, Torafu
3. Knot Ring, Catbird
4. Narrow Hammered Band, Bario Neal
5. Lulu Frost Number Ring, Charm & Chain
6. Phanton Ring, Cameo
7. Diamond Band, Conroy & Wilcox
8. Lily Royale Ring (conflict free diamond), New York Bittersweets
9. Elsa Peretti Cabochon Ring, Tiffany & Co.

Cheers! Gloria

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