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Expert Advice: Organic Elements

This truly is my favorite time of year. The weather is gentle, the bees are buzzing and my favorite flowers are blooming their way into our studio. This is why I chose spring for our wedding five years ago; I had to have spring florals dancing around me as I wed!

And though a single bouquet of ranunculus or a simple vase of cherry blossoms are stunning as they are, spring is more about the story they weave as they gather together in one amazing spring floral anthem.

Here are some of my favorites displayed together, and on their own, to show how simply a few sprigs of spring can transform your wedding florals.

What’s in these spring arrangements

1. You can see how the casual drape of the pink parrot tulips and pink ranunculus set a natural look for this otherwise simply elegant bouquet. Photo by She Wanders

2. This bouquet is elegant in its simplicity however the whole look of the garden roses and freesia would not stand out had it not been for the green viburnum cascading out and acting as a loose and natural backdrop for all of the white florals.

3. Had this centerpiece not had cherry blossoms, the arrangements would be pretty and carry a nice organic feel, but would not “pop” with spring as they do with those extra little twigs.

4. The sweet peas in this gathering display a modern uniformity by only repeating one flower, but because the flower has various levels of blooms the overall look is naturally spring. Photo by Joshua Aull Photography

What’s in these spring arrangements

1. Though the metal pot sets the tone, once the ranunculus, tulips, mint and rice flower enter the scene they create a true feeling of spring.

2. Who on earth hasn’t already fallen in love with peonies. Thought they don’t necessarily scream spring, they do soften a look beautifully with absolute effortless elegance.

3. I love the way this yellow mimosa flower dribbles and sprays out of its vessels, it loosens the look and makes it all the more natural.


DIY Spring Floral Project

Now that you have your lovely little spring treasures, it’s time to find them a container. Here’s a very simple vase idea that just screams spring.

Take mason jars of varying heights and sizes and wrap them in different styles ranging from fabric to ribbon to even yarn or twine. Then, a very simple display of florals, a few varieties per mason jar, will allow you to have a beautiful homespun spring tablescape.

Enjoy! Sharon

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