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Catering: Healthy Mini Appetizers

Don’t let your guests go hungry.  These appetizers will ensure that your guests are fulfilled until the party starts. Food can add so much color to your wedding so don’t be afraid to pick things that are delicious and pretty. These bit size minis are on the lighter and healthier side  so your guests won’t feel too full before they sit down to dinner.

Get These Items

1. Mini Spinach Pizzas, Martha Stewart Living
2. Bite Size Greek Salad, Cooking With My Kid
3. Appricots and Cheese, My Recipes
4. Cucumber Cups, Celebrations at Home
5. Red Peppers and Hummus, Frost Me
6. Pesto and Tomatoe Bruschetta, Recipe
7. Antipasto-Sausage, Food Network

Get These Items

1. Wrapped Mango Bites, Southern Living
2. Veggie Apps, Brennan Nicole
3. Bite Size BLTS, Ourohio 
4. Bacon Wonton Wraps, Inspired Taste
5. Matzo Pizza, Skinny Taste
6. Japenses Shrimp Avocado Appetizers, Weight Watchers
7. Low Fat Jalapeno Poppers, Skinny Taste

Get These Items

1. Rainbow Fruit Kabobs, Shabby Chicks
2. Eggplant Appetizer, Laylita
3. Beet and Goat Cheese Salad Appetizers, Martha Stewart
4. Pears With Goat Cheese, Sweet Potato Chronicles
5. Strawberries and Cheese Kabobs, Frost Me
6. Veggies, LivingLoCurto
7. Veggies, Simple Bites

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