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Bride Lauren: The Anxiety

My dad used to tell me before my swim meets and basketball games that my nervousness only meant that I really cared about what I was doing.But daaaaaaad! What about this eye twitch in my left eye, wedding nightmares and night sweats (TMI)? What do these mean?

When I met with two of my giirlfriends, Adrianne and Annette, my eye was twitching so badly, Annette plopped her 2-pound puppy on my lap to distract me. That worked! The twitching stopped for the moment.

When I researched eye twitching, it listed the possible causes of this irritation:

—   Stress. Check.

—   Not enough sleep. Check. (Keep reading…)

—   Too much caffeine. Check.

—   Too much alcohol. Most definitely.

—   Planning a wedding. CHECK.

Check, check, check, check, check!

None of my married girlfriends warned me about the twitch… or the nightmares. In my dreams I was late because I had to do my own makeup. Now that’s a nightmare, ladies.  The mariachis started playing too early. And in one of the dreams, Jim was still in New York at our restaurant, and wouldn’t make it on time. Obviously, I also had a punctuality phobia.

And on top of all of this, the nightmares made me sweat. Literally. I’ve been doing my best to chill out. I’ve been doing yoga. I’m breathing. Stretchin’. Trying desperately to touch my toes. Going to boot camp.

I was still drinking my lattes and red wine — I’m not into deprivation. I go to J for my daily moment of zen. I’m trying my very best to do what everyone tells me to do — relax. When I step back and reflect on my dad’s wisdom from 20 years ago, he’s still right. Even now.

This stress, the twitches, the nightmares, the sweat — it is because I care. I care about this, the most important day, and most important event of my life. So, I’m giving myself a break this one time. I’m trying not to sweat it.

Cheers! Lauren

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