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Bride Lauren: Photographer, Check

I am not photogenic. Look at my high school yearbook pics. No, really, don’t. Please. I’ve never been photogenic. But … Lucky me, there happens to be three people in this world who can take a really great picture of me:

1. Jim: He knows he can crack my fake smile with goofiness and obscenities. But he’s a little busy on Feb 4th.

2. Lauren: She’s one of my BFFs, and has assisted in photographing tons of weddings. She loves the art! But, I want her, her husband, Andy, and the little chiquita in her tummy to relax and have a good time.
3. Jen Dery: One of the funniest and quirkiest gals in the ‘biz to me. I’ve known her for quite some time, and was even her roomie at the other Lauren’s wedding in Cabo San Lucas. I believe it was over a very orange plate of snacks that Jen said to me: “I will be your photographer when you get married.”

Yes, Jen. I would be honored. Photographer: Check.

Cheers! Lauren

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