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Bride Lauren: My Bridesmen

I’m one of those girls who dreamt of their wedding day since I was a little girl. My earliest bridal memory? Princess Vespa from “Spaceballs.”

(Do you think they make her braided earphones today in blonde?)

My three brothers recall my wedding obsession, though not the roles they played after I would declare proudly, “It’s time to play wedding!” I would, of course, be the bride, wearing one of my Sunday best dresses and a towel balanced on my head for my veil.

I positioned the boys — one as the groom (gross), another the priest. The third walked me down the aisle — the hallway that ran between our bedrooms on the second story of our house.

It seems only fitting that my three brothers should stand by my side on the altar. This time a real aisle, not just our hallway. In a church. With a real priest.

Jim as my groom, his brother, Tommy as his best man, and my brothers — Pat, Ryan, and Chrissy — serving as my “bridesmen.”

Cheers! Lauren

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