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Bride Lauren: Music, Check

I was 13 years old when I went to my friend’s grandmother’s funeral at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. On the altar was the most amazing mariachi band. Every note they played and sang gave me goose bumps.

“Ave Maria” brought tears to your eyes in the very best way. It touched your soul. On that day, I knew I would have mariachis on my wedding day. (Note to self, I thought: Must marry a Mexican dude so I can have mariachis on my wedding day.)

Jim’s Italian, but whatevs. I have had dreams of mariachis playing at our wedding ceremony. For real! They’re in my dreams! I asked Leo, my La Valencia Catering  Manager/buddy, who he recommended. He told me to check out Mariachi Real. They had done his wedding!

I crashed a cocktail reception at the Prado to watch them perform. They were everything I had ever dreamed of and more!! They would be my ceremony musicians.

Ceremony music: check.

For the cocktail reception, I knew I wanted something different, and chill. I emailed one of my favorite guitarists, Jimmy Patton. I knew he would be perfect. It would be perfect hip, mellow, margarita sippin’ tunes.

Cocktail music: check.

As for the reception, Jim loves his music, and I would say our taste isn’t exactly mainstream. What to do? A month after we got engaged, Jim and I were at a private G Love concert in NY, and I drunkenly asked the lead singer, G(arrett) Love (three times!), if he would be our wedding entertainment! Email me, he said!

Over coffee the next morning, Jim and I came to the reality that G Love performing at our wedding could perhaps knock out our whole budget. What to do? I emailed Tim.

Coincidentally, the first time I met Tim Altbaum was for a wedding after party. What was this DJ playing? G Love. No one EVER plays “Baby Got Sauce.” Ever. Tim worked with Jim and I to not only meet our picky expectations, but to create a mix that would entice our guests to dance. Thank you, Tim.

Reception music: check.
Cheers! Lauren

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