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Bride Lauren: Let Me Eat Cake

In 2007, I ate 46 pieces of wedding cake. I know — I sat down and counted. That’s pretty disgusting. Yet it’s also kind of awesome. Not everyone enjoys a good ol’ piece of wedding cake like I do. That’s why chocolate fountains, mini cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, dessert stations, and churros are seen on the wedding scene.

Two of my best friends got married this past year, and neither chose a wedding cake. One had the most amazing ice cream-filled chocolate glazed profiteroles, and the other had an insane tower of doughnuts.  (I’ve never seen Jim eat a donut before, let alone three in five minutes, along with some donut holes to go).

I, however, LOVE wedding cake. I even told my boss during my initial wedding planner job interview at Rancho Valencia that I loved everything about weddings, especially the cake. It was no lie.

I knew my wedding cake baker the moment I tried Michele Coulon’s “Nathan’s Lemon Cake.” To me, it is the most perfect piece of cake there ever was: a dense, Meyer lemon cake with a lemon glaze, decorated with the most delicate piece of lavender, and a gold sheen. It is heaven to me. It has been my birthday cake of choice for the past four years, and now will be one of my wedding cake flavors.


When you go visit Michele Coulon to chat about your wedding cake, get ready! You are presented with two boards of cake, showcasing her 16 cake flavors.

It’s breathtaking. And then you get to eat the cake! Exquisite. I’m thinkin’, for our wedding, that we’ll have Michele’s lemon … and the orange … and her fruit- filled Gateau Aileen. Oh, and the banana. Oooh- and the Torte Lion. Oh man. This decision is harder than I thought it would be.

Baker: check.

Cheers! Lauren

Above cake by Michele Coulon, Photography by Jennifer Dery

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