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Grooming the Groom

A wedding in Southern California is often the most formal event in an otherwise informal life. Since many native Southern California boys have grown into manhood in a relatively laid back setting, the protocol of a wedding can come as a bit of a shock to their system. Widespread misconceptions about men’s etiquette and limited resources devoted to grooms have created an uneven playing field. Here are a few things I’ve learned now that I’ve stood at the altar with my fellow grooms more than 15 times.

—John Paul Hunten

Photo by Nick Abadilla

Manicuring the Man

Every man who is wearing a collared shirt should have his neck shaved so that his hairline is clean. This is never more important than on the day when your friends and family will be staring at the back of your head for the better part of an hour. Also, consider your fingernails and the fact that you will henceforth be wearing a ring, which will draw newfound attention to your hands.

Don’t Stop Romancing Her

Flowers, love notes, and champagne were likely employed in order to get to the wedding day, so it is a good idea that they should be present on the wedding day. Have flowers waiting for your bride in her suite, write a few love notes and pass them to her throughout the day, send champagne to the ladies as they are getting ready for the ceremony. On your wedding day your bride is the princess, that makes you prince charming… so be charming!

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