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Vendor Interview: Blush Botanicals

Dynamic Duo Alex Wise & Brittany Cranmer are the girls behind Blush Botanicals

These high-school best friends from San Diego reunited after college and became roommates. Alex, a finance major, worked at Merrill Lynch while Brittany entered the fitness world. “We both hated our jobs,” admits Alex. At the peak of the recession, they decided to ditch everything and head to L.A. to attend floral design school, and in 2009, these young risk-taking entrepreneurs opened Blush Botanicals.

“We pulled our savings and decided to take a chance,” declares Brittany. “And it worked. It was the best decision we’ve ever made.” The two strive to be unique in the floral world, taking inspiration from fashion and hedging toward the avant-garde. “We are known for our heavy use of florals with no greenery. We also incorporate textures, lots of wood, mirrors, and succulents,” explains Alex. Both women are absolutely enamored with their new profession. “There are no rules in the floral industry. We get to use the creative side of our brains. It’s been really fun,” chimes Brittany.

—Ann Wycoff


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