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Tabletops: Nostalgic Romance

What makes this table so visually stunning? Luxury fabrics, crystal, and china contrast with rustic elements like natural wood chairs. Note the old-fashioned mustache and lip motifs, which add a sense of fun and levity to the occasion.

By Cynthia Zatkin Events and Blush Botanicals

Cocktail: Mr. & Mrs. Cocktails

The Mrs. Pour 1 cup lemon juice into a pitcher. Dilute with 3 cups cold water. Add 1 cup simple syrup and 3 teaspoons grenadine. Stir thoroughly. Add 4-6 ounces vodka to taste and mix.
The Mr. Shake together 1 part gin, 1 part tonic, and organic blueberries. Pour over ice.

Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, Mission Bay, Photography by Shannon Henry and Brent Clifford of Studio Carré Photographie

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