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Real Wedding: Lauren & Andy

Lauren and Andy decided to have their wedding in Cabo, a travel-friendly spot for a unique vacation with friends and family.

Why Cabo?
Both love Mexico and felt it was a travel-friendly spot for a unique vacation with friends and family. Great surf and a relaxed vibe added to the appeal.

Ceremony Magic
Surf lapping on the beach next to the couple and an eagle circling overhead.

Art walk and impromptu dinner with sombreros and plenty of tequila in San José del Cabo, yoga on the hotel’s lawn taught by the bride and her mother, welcome beach party with a taco bar and bonfire, intimate rehearsal dinner on the hacienda-style patio, toes-in-the-sand wedding.

“I loved the local bougainvillea and mixed succulents into my bouquet to make it Baja-style,” says the bride. “We worked with a local nursery where no English was spoken, but enjoyed the adventure of it all.”

Cultural Integration
Authentic Mexican cuisine like shrimp ceviche, fresh fish cooked in banana leaves, seafood-stuffed chile rellenos, black bean corn salad, and local cervezas and feisty margaritas. Silver heart milagros charms, carried for protection and good luck, were suspended on the couple’s chair backs at the reception.

Favorite Detail
Polaroids of the guests hung on driftwood as escort cards—later, they were added to a guestbook with best wishes.

Funniest Moment
When nearly half the guests followed the couple’s lead and jumped into the pool after the reception.

Grand Finale
A release of glowing “wish” lanterns that floated up into the sky.

Ann Wycoff

Lauren’s Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding

  • Find a local coordinator who can hire and pay the other vendors in the local currency, so you only deal with one person. Also key for any language barrier issues.
  • Take a trip four months before the wedding to figure out the rentals, flowers, rehearsal dinner locale, etc.
  • Create a resource guide for your guests so they can enjoy their mini-vacation.
  • Have a symbolic ceremony and get a marriage license stateside to avoid paperwork and hassles.
  • Adjust your expectations: You may have to let go of certain details or pay an exorbitant price. I had to do this in regard to my flowers—many are not available in Baja, but I ended up pleased.

Lauren Gaglione owns her own San Diego-based company, Set The Date, which helps couples find the perfect wedding venue.


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DJ: DJ Mijares


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