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Beauty: It’s in the Bag!

We asked local wedding experts what items come in handy on the Big Day.

  • ☐ Aspirin, Tums, allergy meds
  • ☐ Crochet hook (for tiny buttons on the dress)
  • ☐ Clear nail polish (for runs in stockings)
  • ☐ Tide stick (for stains)
  • ☐ Snacks
  • ☐ Lip gloss (for touch-ups)
  • ☐ Straws (for sipping drinks after the lipstick is on)
  • ☐ Face powder or blotting papers
  • ☐ Extra bobby pins
  • ☐ Hair spray – “The stylist usually brings hairspray, but usually  takes it when she leaves! This is also good for preventing static build-up on clothing.” Shannon Henry Studio Carré Photographie
  • ☐ Breath mints (gum gets on clothes and looks bad in photos)
  • ☐ Band-Aids
  • ☐ Lint brush
  • ☐ Static cling spray
  • ☐ Portable steam iron
  • ☐ Zip ties
  • ☐ Sunscreen
  • ☐ Flip flops -“There is often quite a bit of walking when taking pictures. Flip-flops can be a real foot saver and may allow you to get more photographs with different backgrounds.” Aaron Feldman True Photography Weddings
  • ☐ Sewing kit – “At almost every wedding, I use a sewing kit. Whether it is for a torn bustle on the bridal gown, or a button that comes off of a rented tuxedo.” Rachel Welland Bliss Events 
  • ☐ Hammer, staple gun (for unforeseen projects at DIY and backyard weddings)
  • ☐ Duct tape (for taping down electrical cords from DJs, lighting)
  • ☐ An extra garter (if you want to do the toss but don’t want to wear it)
  • ☐ Straight pins for money dance
  • ☐ Mini bottle of alcohol – “I’ve had a bride carry a minibar-size bottle of her fave liquor (vodka) … she had it to calm her nerves just in case she got nervous before walking down the aisle.” Gina Hundley San Diego Weddings by Gina
  • ☐ Extra satin ribbon that matches the wedding (to dress up forgotten items like the flower-girl basket)
  • ☐ Butane candle lighter for votives – “Not every venue has them, or enough to get things lit in a timely manner!” Krista Romberg Orange Blossom Eve
  • ☐ Extra cake cutter and server
  • ☐ Extra black socks (for groomsmen)
  • ☐ Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • ☐ Extra earring backs
  • ☐ Wite-Out and fine point Sharpies – “Sometimes, the place cards will have people at the wrong tables, or we need to make adjustments because of extra guests.”  Diana Romero Ah! Le Party
  • ☐ Feminine hygiene products

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Photography by Jennifer Dery

Chanel thongs in yellow, $325, Neiman Marcus, Fashion Valley; Christopher Kon bag , $375, Neiman Marcus, Fashion Valley, and; 1800 Reposado Tequila, $4.99, BevMo!; Luna Minis, $6 for a box of 10, Target; Altoids, $1, Target; Lip gloss in Tease, $16, Bodyography,; “Help: I have a blister” bandages, $4, and “Help: I have a headache” aspirin, $4, Target; striped paper straws, $9,; L’Oréal Sublime Sun sunscreen, $9, Target; L’Oréal Paris Mini Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray, $7, drugstores; Sally Hansen clear nail polish, $6.49, Target; Zippo candle lighter, $15,

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