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Vendor Interview: Joielala Photographie

Dynamic Duo Taryn Kent & Shelby Clark are the girls behind Joielala Photographie. Read on to find out where they get their inspiration and why they have the picture-perfect partnership.

Taryn and Shelby’s business began three years ago when a mutual friend suggested they meet due to their similar photographic styles. “We quickly realized we were a good team and that two photographers are better than one,” explains Shelby. Though both studied art in school, Shelby’s love for photography blossomed during a vacation to South Africa, when she bought her first DSLR camera.

 “We are natural-light photographers,” explains Taryn. “We love our images to be soft, airy, and dreamy—with a little bit of edge.” The two friends work to capture the candid emotion of a wedding day, and prefer not to pose their subjects. “We’re both very laid-back,” admits Taryn, “and our clients have told us that this makes them much more relaxed during shoots.” As for trendy editing styles? “Those will come and go,” says Taryn, “but hopefully our images will remain timeless.” As for describing their picture perfect partnership, Shelby says, “This is like my second marriage.” To which Taryn chimes in with a smile, “This is my first.”

Mina Riazi

Photography by Joielala Photographie

The Highlights

  • Photography style: Natural, “glowy.” No artificial flashes.
  • What inspires them: Traveling to new locales.
  • Destination wedding advice: “Destination weddings tend to be more intimate; you and your guests will have much more interaction with your photographers, so make sure your personalities mesh well.”
  • Find them in their off-hours: At a Mexican restaurant.
  • Where to find them:

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