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Cocktails: Champagne Cocktails

We gathered our favorite champagne cocktail recipes in hopes of inspiring you to make something pretty, in a fancy glass that tastes sweet and bubbly. Whether you are celebrating your engagement, your wedding day or just the fact that it’s Friday, these cocktail recipes will put you instantly in the mood. What’s left to say, but cheers!

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1. Classic Mimosa
2. Raspberry Champagne Cocktail
3. Lavender Champagne Cocktail
4. Sparkling Champagne Punch
5. Pink Grapefruit Strawberry Champagne Granita
6. Lemon Gin Sparkling Champagne Cocktail

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1. DIY Champagne Bar with Flavored Mixers via Abbey Rose Photography

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1. Champagne Cosmo
2. Cherry Thyme Champagne Cocktail
3. Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail
4. Sparkling Orange Vodka and Champagne Cocktail
5. Champagne Splits[/box]


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1. Classic Champagne Cocktail
2. Hypnotiq Blueberry Champagne Cocktail
3. Rose Champagne Cocktail
4. Champagne Limoncello Cocktail

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